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Thad Murphy is a singer-songwriter, pastor, and worship leader from north Texas. His love and ability for music has been passed down to him from his musician father. Thad's deepest desire is to connect people to a loving God and Father in a generation that is so desperate for someone to father them. Thad Murphy's passion is to write gospel centric songs that will speak the love and truth of Jesus while maintaining a unique and honest sound. Coverings is Thad's first adventure in producing his original music with the help of his good friend at Cottonmowfth Studios. The only message Thad wants to express is that whoever you are, wherever you are from, whatever you have done or failed to do, there is hope and His name is Jesus.

Love is what will change the world. Perfect love. There is nothing more powerful than love without conditions. For God so loved. God is love. Life comes from His love.
Love God. Love people. Don't wait to feel love. Don't try to love. Just... simply... love.
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